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How to reduce the heat treatment deformation of self-aligning roller bearings

We all know that when using self-aligning roller bearings, we will encounter quenching, which is easy to cause deformation accidents to the bearings. Therefore, reasonable cooling will be applied to the bearings during quenching, and appropriate media will be used to help reduce the probability of deformation of self-aligning roller bearings. Of course, this situation also requires strict control of the whole part structure. Next, the bearing manufacturer will tell you in detail how the structure of bearing parts, reasonable cooling and appropriate medium prevent heat treatment deformation.

  1. When it comes to cooling, most people have heard that it is easy to have great differences in the thickness of the workpiece during cooling, resulting in uneven cooling, which will cause distortion and cracking. Therefore, when the self-aligning roller bearing is cooled after heat treatment, it is necessary to do a good job in the uniformity of the whole workpiece of the bearing and maintain the symmetry of the structure and materials of the workpiece before the cooling treatment can be carried out uniformly, so as to better reduce the problem of deformation and cracking tendency in the transition zone due to stress concentration. Here, we should also pay attention to one point, that is, try to avoid the contact between the workpiece and sharp water chestnut or groove. If the thickness cannot be avoided during the use of the workpiece, we should also try to reduce the symmetry of the hole, groove and other structures on the workpiece. When the thickness is uneven, we can also use the method of reserving processing volume for emergency.
  2. According to the above method with reasonable structure, it can be seen that the influence or change of the process from metal quenching to cooling is a very important link. It is precisely because of the importance of the link, in addition to the reasonable structure, it should also be used reasonably in the application of cooling methods. When the self-aligning roller bearing is quenched, it usually uses hot oil quenching or cold oil quenching. However, in order to reduce the deformation caused by quenching, it is suggested to use hot oil quenching as much as possible here, mainly because the probability of deformation caused by hot oil quenching is smaller than that of cold oil quenching, and the temperature will be controlled at 100 ± 20 ℃. Although the cooling capacity of oil is the most important link, the quenching mixing method and speed are also one of the important factors causing the deformation of self-aligning roller bearings. When the mixing speed is faster, the cooling effect is uneven, and then the deformation of self-aligning roller bearings in the mold will be greater. Therefore, it is suggested that in the process of use, we should first ensure whether the hardness of the mold meets the standard. When using the pre cooling method, this method can better reduce the thermal stress and structural stress caused by metal quenching, and can effectively reduce the deformation of the bearing. Moreover, this method can also be applied to complex or high precision workpiece.
  3. Under the same heat treatment conditions, in order to reduce the deformation probability of self-aligning roller bearings, it is necessary to ensure the use of appropriate media. The media mentioned here refers to oily media and aqueous media. Experiments and practice have proved that oily media and aqueous media have great different effects. When self-aligning roller bearings are under the same heat treatment conditions, After quenching, the deformation of oily medium is much smaller than that of aqueous medium. This is mainly because the cooling speed of oily medium is slow, while the cooling speed of aqueous medium is faster than that of oily medium. When the temperature drops faster, the uniformity of the workpiece will become more and more uneven, so it is recommended that you try to use oily medium.