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Installation Precautions for Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Precautions when installing angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings, due to structural reasons, a single bearing can only bear the load in one direction. Therefore, when mounting to a shaft or housing, it is very important that the external load is applied only to the acceptable load and not the other.

When combining bearings, for back-to-back and face-to-face combinations, the order in which they are loaded into the shaft or housing is different, so be careful.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

a. Back-to-back combination

①. Install the bearing on the shaft

②Tighten the shaft nut and apply preload.

③ Install the shaft and bearing into the bearing housing and fix it with a gland.

b. Face to face combination

① Install the bearing into the bearing housing.

②Tighten the gland and apply preload.

③ Install the shaft into the inner ring of the bearing and tighten the shaft nut.